Head Instructor


Devyn Weed's sailing odyssey began in the heart of Milford, where she grew up and honed her skills in our junior program, starting with Optis and Lasers. Over the years, her love for sailing has flourished, taking her from mastering J22s to commanding S2 7.9s on Thursday nights.

Today, Devyn is a junior at the University of New Hampshire, majoring in Program and Event Management with a minor in Business Administration. She excels both on and off the water, racing FJs, Larks, and 420s with the UNH sailing team, where she serves as secretary.

Devyn's dedication and excellence in sailing and academics make her a perfect fit for MYC Junior Sailing. As the new Head Instructor, she brings a unique blend of local knowledge and extensive sailing experience, ready to mentor and inspire the next generation of sailors.