2024 Sailing Classes

Junior Buccaneers (Ages 5-6) 8:30-11:30am


The Junior Buccaneers (JBs) will participate in activities that provide a “sampling” of all that summer at the MYC has to offer for our young people. The program will include sailing, swimming, arts & crafts, nature explorations and games. This program is open for 5, 6 and some 7 year olds. 


On Land and Sea, JBs will participate in an array of activities that teach them water safety, respect for the environment and help them to build confidence while making new friends at the MYC. Each day is different for a Junior Buccaneer but at the end of the session, JBs will remember sailing activities that include an introduction to the Optimist on land and water, rides in the coach boat around the harbor, knot tying and sailing games that introduce them to the “rules of the sea.” Children will need a lifejacket, swimsuit, towel, closed toe water shoes, hat and/or sunglasses, sunscreen, and a nut-free snack for class each day.

Opti 1 (Ages 7-15)  8:30-11:30am

The Optimist Dinghy has become the world standard as both the introductory junior trainer and a premier one design racing class. It is the perfect for teaching children to sail allowing them to learn the essentials of sailing without danger or fear. The beginner Opti class runs in the morning for the entire summer and club boats are available for rental.  Children will sail alone in a boat. Children will learn all of the basics of boat-handling and seamanship including how to rig and launch, right a capsize, steering, tacking, and sail trimming.

All children will need to pass a swim test and be able to right a capsize before going out on the water.


Opti 2 (Ages 8-15)  8:30-11:30am


Opti 2 is for sailors with at least one full session of experience sailing an Optimist, and who have demonstrated readiness to sail an Optimist alone on the first day of the program.  We will continue to strengthen fundamental sailing skills and improve boat handling as well as working more on racing tactics and adventure sailing. Opti 2s will also be exposed to Big Boat Sailing in our fleet of J-22s.





Opti 3 (Ages 9-15)  8:30-11:30am


Opti 3 is for sailors with 2 years of experience in an Optimist.  Sailors will work on their more advanced boat handling skills in a variety of wind and water conditions as well as refining racing techniques and doing longer adventure sails.  The goal is for every sailor to participate in at least one regatta.   Sailors will also have a chance to explore some partner sailing in doublehanded boats such as Fevas.


RS Feva (Ages 11-15) 1:00-5:00pm

This is a 2 person boat and is sometimes considered a transition boat between the Optimist and the more physically and technically demanding Laser and 420 classes. Sailors should be 11-12 years old before starting in this boat.  The Feva is a growing class in the JSA. The hull is made of hard plastic, making it virtually indestructible.  The minimum combined weight for both sailors is 180 lbs. Skill level can range from beginner to advanced

Advanced Sailing

Opti Advanced (Ages 10-15) 1:00-5:00pm


The Advanced Opti session will be in the afternoon, and is for those sailors who have demonstrated they are capable of handling a variety of sailing conditions and expert boat handling skills. We will build on skills learned in previous years and place more emphasis on technique through racing, games and drills.  Sailors will have opportunities to participate in the JSA Area C Opti regattas.

Laser (Ages 14-18) 1:00-5:00pm

The Laser is a challenging one-person boat that rewards athleticism, subtle steering and trimming techniques, as well as tactical excellence. It is a single handed Olympic class boat, also sailed at club, national and international levels.  Sailors should be 14-18 years old.  It is available in 3 different rigs which all use the same hull, but different mast heights and sail sizes.


Laser 4.7  - minimum weight 105 lbs.


Laser Radial - minimum weight 110 lbs. (ideal 110-150 lbs, most popular rig in the JSA)


Laser Standard - minimum weight 130 lbs. (ideal 175+ lbs.)


C420 (Ages 14-18) 1:00-5:00pm

A variation of the Club 420 is sailed by high school and colleges nationwide. It is a fast and technically demanding two person boat.  Sailors should be 14-18 years old with a minimum combined weight of 220 lbs.