MYC Fleet

The Milford Yacht Club's Junior Sailing Program offers a variety of boats to cater to different age groups and skill levels. Here's how they use the following boats in their program:


Opti (Optimist):

The Opti is often the starting point for young sailors, typically for ages 7-15.
It's used to teach beginners the fundamentals of sailing, including basic sailing techniques and water safety.
It's a great boat for building confidence on the water due to its stability.

C420 (Club 420):

The C420 is commonly used for sailors who have progressed beyond the Opti.
It's a two-person dinghy, which encourages teamwork and communication.
Sailors in this boat work on refining their sailing skills and developing a deeper understanding of tactics and strategy.

RS Feva:

The RS Feva is often used for intermediate-level sailors, typically teenagers.
It offers more advanced sailing experiences and can be a stepping stone to larger boats.
It's used to teach advanced sailing techniques and racing skills.

ILCA (Laser):

The Laser is commonly used for older, more experienced sailors.
It's a single-handed boat, promoting self-reliance and advanced sailing skills.
Sailors in Laser boats often focus on high-performance racing and mastering advanced sailing techniques.

Big Boat Coaching:

The "Big Boat Coaching" program is likely for older and more advanced junior sailors.
It involves larger keelboats, which can include boats like J/22, J/24, or similar models.
This program teaches sailors how to handle bigger vessels and participate in crewed races, preparing them for adult sailing and racing.

Overall, Milford Yacht Club's Junior Sailing Program offers a progressive pathway for young sailors, starting with small and stable boats and progressing to more challenging and competitive options as they gain experience and confidence on the water. This comprehensive approach allows young sailors to develop their skills and a deep love for the sport of sailing.