ILCA (Laser)

The Milford Yacht Club's Junior Sailing Program incorporates the ILCA Dinghy, commonly known as the Laser, as a crucial element in their training curriculum. The Laser is a single-handed boat renowned for its simplicity and agility, and its usage within the program serves various important purposes:


Skill Development: The Laser is often utilized for sailors who have advanced beyond double-handed boats like the RS Feva or C420. It challenges junior sailors to enhance their sailing skills, as they must manage the boat entirely on their own. This includes steering, sail trim, weight distribution, and all other aspects of sailing.

Self-Reliance: Sailing a Laser fosters self-reliance and independence in junior sailors. They learn to make quick decisions, handle the boat in various conditions, and develop a sense of responsibility for their actions on the water.

Advanced Boat Handling: The Laser's responsiveness and sensitivity to even the slightest adjustments in sail trim and body positioning make it an ideal vessel for teaching advanced boat handling techniques. Junior sailors become attuned to the nuances of sail control, rudder, and body kinetics.

High-Performance Racing: The Laser is often used for racing within the program. Sailors in Laser boats learn advanced racing tactics, strategies, and the rules of competitive sailing. This prepares them for regattas and competitions, where they can test their skills against other sailors.

Physical Fitness and Endurance: Sailing a Laser requires physical fitness and endurance. Junior sailors in Laser boats develop strength, agility, and stamina, which can be valuable in both sailing and other sports.

Mental Toughness: The Laser can be challenging to sail, especially in strong winds. Junior sailors learn mental toughness as they face and overcome difficult conditions, building resilience and determination.

Preparation for Adult Sailing: The skills acquired while sailing the Laser serve as a strong foundation for junior sailors who plan to continue sailing as adults. The Laser is a popular choice among adult sailors, and familiarity with it is beneficial for those who wish to join the club's adult sailing programs.

Safety and Water Confidence: The Laser teaches junior sailors important safety skills and boosts their confidence on the water. They become adept at handling capsizes and other emergency situations, fostering a greater sense of security while sailing.

The Laser is an excellent choice within the Milford Yacht Club's Junior Sailing Program for aspiring sailors looking to advance their skills and knowledge. It empowers junior sailors with the expertise and confidence necessary to become skilled sailors and competitive racers while instilling a deep passion for the sport of sailing.

ILCA (Laser)

Fleet Min. Age Max. Age Min. Weight Requirements Number Of Crew
ILCA 7  (Laser Standard) 14 18 130 1
ILCA 6  (Laser Radial) 14 18 110 1
ILCA 4  (Laser 4.7) 12 18 95 1

Age and Weight Requirements:

A sailor’s age on December 31 of each year shall be considered his/her age for any event during that year. Weight and age requirements may be requested to be waived for a specific regatta by written consent of the Sailor’s parent together with recommendation of Program Chair and Head Instructor. Such requests are subject to acceptance solely by the regatta host club.