The Milford Yacht Club's Junior Sailing Program incorporates the RS Feva as an important and valuable component of its training curriculum. The RS Feva is a double-handed dinghy, and its usage within the program serves several essential purposes:


Transition to Intermediate Sailing: The RS Feva often serves as the next step for young sailors who have outgrown the Optimist (Opti) or other beginner boats. It provides an excellent transition for junior sailors who are ready to take on more challenges and responsibilities.

Teamwork and Communication: Being a two-person boat, the RS Feva encourages sailors to work together effectively. This promotes teamwork and communication skills as the helm (the sailor steering the boat) and the crew (the sailor handling the sails and weight distribution) must coordinate their actions for optimal performance. These skills are not only valuable in sailing but in life as well.

Advanced Sailing Techniques: The RS Feva offers a more advanced sailing experience compared to single-handed boats. Junior sailors in this boat learn to handle a larger and more responsive vessel, which helps them develop a deeper understanding of boat handling, sail trim, and tactics.

Racing and Competition: The RS Feva is often used for racing within the program. Sailors learn racing tactics, strategies, and the rules of competitive sailing. This prepares them for regattas and competitions, helping to instill a competitive spirit while also fostering good sportsmanship.

Adaptability: The RS Feva is versatile and can be sailed in a variety of conditions, from light winds to more challenging breezes. This versatility allows junior sailors to adapt to different scenarios and become more well-rounded sailors.

Preparation for Larger Boats: The skills acquired while sailing the RS Feva serve as a stepping stone for junior sailors who aspire to move on to larger and more complex boats in the future. It provides a solid foundation for those interested in pursuing more advanced sailing experiences.

Safety and Confidence: Sailing the RS Feva helps young sailors build confidence on the water while emphasizing safety. The increased responsibility for crew members in terms of sail handling and boat balance teaches sailors to take ownership of their actions and prioritize safety.

The RS Feva is an excellent choice within the Milford Yacht Club's Junior Sailing Program, offering a balance between challenge and support for junior sailors as they progress in their sailing journey. It equips them with skills, teamwork, and confidence that will benefit them both on and off the water, fostering a lifelong passion for sailing.


Min. Age Max. Age Min. Weight Requirements  Number of Crews
12 18  180 Pounds 2 Person 

Age Requirements:

A sailor’s age on December 31 of each year shall be considered his/her age for any Feva event during that year. One sailor in a crew of two may seek permission for a specific regatta if their age is under 12 by written consent of the Sailor’s parent together with recommendation of Program Chair and Head Instructor. Such requests are subject to acceptance solely by the regatta host club.


Weight Requirements:

For a two-person crew, the helmsperson and crew must weigh a minimum of 180 pounds fully dressed for sailing. No ballast is permitted. No waivers will be given for this minimum weight.